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  • Testing Buildings for Coronavirus – Polyteck’s Solution

    With lockdown weakening, we realise the inevitability of returning to the office. Therefore, testing buildings for coronavirus should be considered or even a priority. However, Polyteck are offering the opportunity to ensure the safety of most importantly, your tenants and building throughout these strange times. This soo good even Facilitate Magazine are providing their recommendations:@Facilitate_Mag How does it work? […]

  • Electronic Oxidisation Air Purification System can reduce the Risk of Corona Virus Infection in Commercial Businesses

    What Causes The Spread Of Coronavirus? The survival time of coronaviruses such as SARS in water droplets in the air and on surfaces has been studied and it has been established that some changes to how Commercial HVAC systems need to be made to minimise the risk of the disease spreading especially in Ducted systems. […]

  • Guidance for Recommissioning Closed Water Systems in a Building

    With the ongoing issue with  this wretched COVID virus and reduced Building usage due to non-occupancy of tenants, we are providing guidance on water regulation compliance when the building is bought back on line with full occupancy. The information below provides clear Guidance for Recommissioning Closed Water Systems in a Building and what is expected […]

  • HVAC – An Essential Service

    With New Information coming out everyday about Covid-19, as an essential Business, we want to make sure we are at the forefront of the HVAC industry when it comes to keeping you comfortable and safe. Here are a few things you should know. We are an Essential Business At present the weather is reasonably mild, […]

  • Building Deep Clean and Sanitisation

    Aside from the obvious need to kill the Covid-19 Virus and other Bacteria in Healthcare facilities, many more Business such as Offices, Hotels and Businesses that house many hundreds or even thousands of occupants are turning to technology to assist in the fight against this pandemic. Many people will have seen the Images in China […]